Vandalia Co-Packing


Have you heard this about your family's special recipe?

"This is SO GOOD! You really should try to sell this."

Do you have a recipe that people just rave about -- asking you for your secrets or if you'll just make it for them?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your own product on the shelves of a grocery store?  

Have you already taken the first steps and dipped your toes in the specialty stores market?

If you have a product that you'd like to take scale from early stages to larger distribution, we can help you.

At Vandalia Inc. -- along with owning great brands like Blue Smoke Salsa and Yoder's Country Kettle -- we also offer Co-Packing Services for some outstanding brands as well.

We co-pack a variety of different products from barbecue sauces to specialty mustards to dry rubs and seasonings. Our expertise in production and packaging allows our co-packing partners to focus on what they do best  -- selling their brands.

Do you have a product or brand that you'd like to discuss how we can help you grow? We would love hear from you and discuss how we can help turn your dreams into reality. 

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